Abi & Nick | Yorkshire Farm Wedding photographer 1

Abi & Nick | Yorkshire Farm Wedding photographer

Abi and Nick’s Unforgettable Yorkshire Farm Wedding

What began as an intimate lockdown celebration evolved into a larger Yorkshire farm wedding, complete with a church blessing, a lively brass band, iconic London red buses, and the picturesque backdrop of Abi’s father’s farm. Their lockdown mini wedding, a testament to resilience, laid the foundation for a larger celebration. The couple’s commitment to each other became the guiding force behind their decision to continue their journey in a more significant way.

The charming village church set the stage for Abi and Nick’s blessing ceremony. Surrounded by loved ones, they exchanged vows of love and commitment. The rustic charm of the countryside added an extra layer of magic to this lovely moment.

Transportation took an exciting turn as iconic London red buses ferried the wedding party from the church to the venue and provided a unique and memorable experience for everyone involved.

Abi’s father’s farm became the canvas for capturing cherished moments. The vast fields provided a stunning backdrop for photographs. Each frame told a unique story of this remarkable day and the brass band really made the party come alive in the reception.

Abi and Nick’s yorkshire farm wedding was a celebration of love, resilience, and the beauty that unfolds when two hearts come together. The fusion of countryside charm, city flair, and personal touches made this day truly unforgettable.


MUA – Clare Flint MUA

Dress – Off the peg bridal

Hair – Sam Dodson

Illustrator – Hutch and Willow