Amy & Liams wedding at The Ravens Hall, Robin Hoods Bay, North Yorkshire

Amy and Liams wedding was at the beautiful setting of Robin Hoods Bay in North Yorkshire. Having photographed their friends wedding Emma and David, as well as their engagement shoot, we knew we would have a lovely time capturing their big day. The morning was relaxed, overlooking the bay with gorgeous weather to compliment such a great couple. Amy’s dress was stunning equally matched by Liam’s taylor made tweed suit. One thing that stood out for us was the bouquets and flower arrangements, wild flowers made the wedding pop with vibrant colour. In the evening there was a beautiful sunset for all the guests to enjoy and we took the opportunity to get some “golden hour” photos. Here are some of our favourites…

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Theresa Gallear

What beautiful,natural photos .
Both photographers were unobtrusive on the day,hardly knew they were there.
Thank you for capturing Amy and Liams wedding so well – the photos tell the story of the day -well done.

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