Best Wedding Photography


What an incredible year 2017 has been for us both, and this post is always our favourite one of the year! We get to share our finest frames, each telling a small story about one couples wedding day. Seeing over 50 couples say their vows to one & another, we’ve felt incredibly privileged to be part of each and every wedding day we’re asked to photograph. We always aim to provide the best wedding photography that we can, and we think we didn’t do too badly!

We delivered over 50,000 images to our couples this year and travelled in excess of 10,000 miles to be there, that’s crazy when we sit and look back now! Trying to cull down all of those images into a single blog post is also one of the most difficult things we find ourselves doing. How do you summarise such a fun fulled year into a few hundred photos? It’s tough! We also recieved recognition in the National Wedding Industry Awards, receiving the Highly Commended prize in Yorkshire & The North East. We never expected anything of that calibre, but were blown away to have won it! Once again, thank you to all those that voted for us.

On a personal note, this year was a huge milestone for us both. We (finally!) got engaged out in New York in April. We’ve never actually shared how the proposal went about, but this seems a fitting time to fill you in. It was a beautifully clear day in Manhattan, we’d been to the top of the Empire State (whilst I tried to shadily sneak an engagement ring through security!), later hiring some bicycles to go around Central Park. The blossom trees were in full flower, it was just beautiful. Anii was having a tough time with her bike, it didn’t seem to be working too well and she was growing more and more frustrated with it. We stopped for a drink under the blossom, Anii turned one way, and I held out the ring and asked her. After a confused & bewildered face, she said yes!

So, what does 2018 hold for us? Our wedding for one! (May 19th). Apparently there’s some other big wedding happening on the same day but don’t remind Anii of that! Plenty of weddings for us to photograph, pushing ourselves way more creatively, aiming to create the best work that we can. We’ve got weddings abroad which we’re really looking forward to, but just as much as the ones here the UK! To each and every person that has booked us in 2017, thank you, we love you guys! To those that we’re photographing this year, let’s do this, let’s smash it!