The slaughters manor house wedding beautiful couple in the cotswolds

Emily & Kieran | The Slaughters Manor House Wedding

Emily & Kieran | The Slaughters Manor House Wedding

Get ready for a heartwarming journey through Emily & Kieran’s intimate wedding at The Slaughters Manor House in the picturesque Cotswolds.

A Love as Beautiful as Sunset Let’s start with the stars of the show: Emily and Kieran. Their names may sound like characters from a romance novel, but trust me, their love is just as captivating! From the moment they met, it was evident that they were meant to be. The ambiance of their wedding perfectly reflected their love story – intimate, romantic, and filled with beautiful flowers.

A DIY Delight One of the standout features of this wedding was Emily’s passion for flowers. As a talented florist, she did all the floral arrangements herself, infusing every corner of the venue with blooming beauty. Imagine a sea of flowers, creating an atmosphere that felt like stepping into a fairytale garden.

From Dusk Till Dawn As the sun set on their special day, the love between Emily and Kieran glowed brighter than ever. Emily’s dad made a touching gesture by driving her to the wedding in his vintage car, which added a nostalgic touch to the celebration. And when the golden hour arrived, the couple posed for photos with the old car amidst the stunning sunset, creating timeless memories.

Love in the Details Every aspect of Emily and Kieran’s wedding had a personal touch, reflecting their unique personalities. The couple opted for a small wedding, which was a heartfelt choice after a challenging year due to the pandemic. Their love shone through every detail, from Emily’s boho-style dress by Rembo Styling to the emotional vows they exchanged during the ceremony.

Moments to Remember The ceremony and reception were filled with memorable and emotional highlights. The heartfelt vows brought tears to everyone’s eyes, while precious father-daughter moments melted hearts. Before the ceremony, there was a special blessing for the bride, adding a touch of tradition to the modern setting. And let’s not forget Lottie, Emily’s adorable dog, who played a delightful role throughout the day and even posed for some adorable photos.



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