Fractal Prisms Review 1

Fractal Prisms Review

We’re introducing a new section to our blog, reviews, this is where we’ll review photography kit that we buy or hire over the coming months to let you know what we think of it…

Back in September, we’d seen online about Fractal Prisms, essentially prisms varying in different shapes fixed to what can only be described as a polished chrome knuckle duster (note to self, don’t include these in carry on luggage!). We figured these would add some variation to weddings as we’d also started using basic prisms and our iPhones to reflect different things back into the lens. So here goes, our Fractal Prisms review

fractal prisms review

“So, what do you get?”

Costing $99 (£75 to us Brits), it comes neatly packaged in a branded Fractal Prisms box, with a soft case to keep them inside. 3 Prisms are included in the set, each giving a different effect. I should also add that it didn’t cost anything extra to get them sent here to the UK, which is rare when ordering from the states, huge plus point.

Fractal Prisms Review 2

The Fly Eye

The first i’ll talk about is what I call “the fly eye”, it’s a criss cross pattern that as you can imagine gives you a fly’s eye perspective. Unfortunately this is my least favourite of the set. We’ve found this very difficult to use for portraiture as it distorts things far too much. I imagine this may possibly work for things such as bouquets or ring shots, but for people and portraits, it’s a no from us. We’ll carry on using this one and let you know how we get on.

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If you liked it then you should have put a ring on it

This one bares a resemblance to a huge diamond ring. It has much larger surfaces for you to catch shots through but is also fairly weighty. We’ve used this one a lot more, and have found the trick to using this one is to rotate and angle it varying different spectrums of colour reflecting into your shot. My only concern about this prism is that it could very easily be scratched or chipped with it being so large. Take care, and keep this one in the soft case when you’re not using it.

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The favourite

By far, this is the one we’re going to use most. With a clear space in the centre, and different angled surfaces around the edge, this is the one we’ve had most success with. Your subject can be clear and in focus, whilst also capturing small refractions around the edges of the frame. Angling this one also gives great results, and it’s something we’re playing with at most of our weddings at the moment. The best thing that we’ve found works with it, is using LED lights, it multiples them by a million, and definitely gives that wow factor. Move it around the frame and you’ll create something different every time.

Fractal Prisms Review 9 fractal prisms reviewfractal prisms

Would we recommend buying a Fractal Prism set? Hell yes, they’re fun to play with, portable enough that they’re not cumbersome and affordable enough that you could add one to the Christmas list this year.