Freya & Hannah at Dalby Forest

May 2, 2016

Freya & Hannah at Dalby Forest

After deciding to have their engagement shoot up at Dalby Forest in North Yorkshire, it was quite a distance for both of us to drive but we knew Hannah & Freya’s engagement shoot would be worth it. We met with them on what felt like a very soggy, not so fantastic day. We couldn’t have been more wrong, well, at least for the fantastic day anyway. Straight from their first few photos, these guys were comfortable and made our job incredibly easy to capture, not to mention the beautiful landscape that we found ourselves in. This is a good one…

Frey&han-1 Frey&han-2 Frey&han-3 Frey&han-4 Frey&han-5 Frey&han-6 Frey&han-7 Frey&han-8 Frey&han-9 dalby forest wedding Frey&han-11 Frey&han-12 Frey&han-13 Frey&han-14 Frey&han-15 Frey&han-16 Frey&han-17 Frey&han-18 Frey&han-19 Frey&han-20 Frey&han-21 Frey&han-22 Frey&han-23 Frey&han-24 Frey&han-25 Frey&han-26 Frey&han-27 Frey&han-28 Frey&han-29 Frey&han-30 Frey&han-31 Frey&han-32 Frey&han-33


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