Freya & Hannahs wedding at The Druids Temple, Bivouac

We have been so busy recently with weddings and editing that finding time to blog is hard! We couldn’t resist getting Freya & Hannah’s wedding up on the blog as we had such an amazing time shooting it! The detail that they had put into their wedding was so lovely and Anii even got a sponge tattoo done too! We absolutely loved The Druids Temple with the wedding ceremony outside in the woods and then the reception at Bivouac. There was a theme of birds throughout the day as Freya and Hannah had owls there after the ceremony which everyone held to have photos with and then in the evening they had some white doves to fly! All their table names were birds too 🙂 Take a look at our favourites from the day! Big shout out to Agnes Wedding films,hope to work with you again soon!

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