kew gardens wedding photography

Kew Gardens wedding photography

Kew Gardens wedding photography

Ok we’ll confess, this blog post is nothing to do with Kew Gardens wedding photography, sort of, but it is about Kew Gardens! Being huge tropical plant nerds, we were really keen to visit the world famous Kew Gardens down in London. So during the summer we thought with the additional free time we’d found ourselves with, that it was a perfect opportunity to go.

It was actually an ideal time to visit, with visitor numbers limited due to Covid, the gardens were far quieter than usual, meaning we got to go around the hothouses much more freely. It really is an amazing place, we were in absolute awe of the plants, the sheer size of them compared to some of our examples at home was incredible!

Whilst we’re on the subject of jungle vibes, it goes without saying we’d absolutely love to photograph at wedding at Kew Gardens. They cater for weddings of a micro size through to large luxury ones, with a building to match your needs and requirements. Just imagine saying your vows surrounded by luscious green palm trees and the sound of the jungle without having to leave the UK!

So if you’re looking for Kew Gardens wedding photography, do get in touch, we’d love to hear from you!

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