Naomi and Andrew’s Forbidden Corner Wedding, North Yorkshire

Back in October we photographed Naomi & Andrews wedding at The Forbidden Corner in North Yorkshire. Chris and I had been to The Forbidden Corner before and so after meeting Naomi & Andrew to talk about their wedding we were so excited to be going back to be at their big day. Andrew had made an AMAZING cake which was based on The Forbidden Corner and the table decorations and colours were all very Autumnal and beautiful. As I (Anii) was born in November I love everything about Autumn, especially the golden rich colours that emerge from the trees and the foggy atmospheric weather that can appear from nowhere. Naomi & Andrew were really fun to photograph as we went around The Forbidden Corner with them, it was like a little adventure and the stepping stones that sprayed water was a moment not to forget! What a lovely Autumnal day, here are some of our favourites.

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