Nick & Anna at The Griffin Inn, Swithland, Leicestershire 1

Nick & Anna at The Griffin Inn, Swithland, Leicestershire

Nick & Anna at The Griffin Inn, Swithland, Leicestershire

Anii has photographed Anna many times before for her blog, if you didn’t know, Anna runs a blog called The Tales of Annie Bean which is definitely worth a look over after you’ve looked at this post! We hope for every couple that the weather is beautiful and everything goes perfectly, however we can’t say that this happened for their big day, well, for the weather side of things anyway. Weather aside, their wedding day took place at The Griffin Inn, Swithland and was full of happiness, smiles & Pimms! Nick & Anna fully embraced the poor weather and headed outside for some photos with us and we couldn’t have been happier with the result, here are a few from their day…

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