thailand holiday blog

Thailand holiday blog | Bangkok, Elephants and Beaches

Thailand holiday blog | Bangkok, Elephants and Beaches

It seems an absolute age since we were able to travel, it’s one of the things we miss most. We’ve been digging through our catalogue of images and realised we’d not done anything with the photos we took on our holiday to Thailand back in November 2019. We’re huge fans of south east Asia, it’s probably why we try to make our back garden look like it! So after finding a trip that included Bangkok, elephants and beaches, it was a yes from us.

We arrived in Bangkok after an incredibly long flight (including a stopover in UAE) and made our way to the hotel. After a quick freshen up, we headed out to some local shops, grabbed some food, and headed back to catch up on some sleep.

The following day saw us visit the Grand Palace, home of the king of Thailand. It was incredibly ornate and filled with hand painted decoration, however trousers for men were compulsory so Chris didn’t appreciate the heat! That afternoon we took a boat ride around the canals, followed by a visit to somewhere we’d always wanted to visit, Jim Thompsons House. If you’re at all interested in tropical fauna & flora, this is a must. It’s not a huge site, but is filled and meticulously curated with all manner of tropical plants. The cafe there is also REALLY good so make sure you check that out if you go. We also got to see some Muay Thai boxing, enjoy some more food, shopping, and generally immersing ourselves in Bangkok.

We then took a short flight down to Phuket for something a little different. Elephant Hills is an eco resort that rehabilitate and look after elephants rescued from the logging and tourism trade. We were able to prepare food, feed, wash and spend time with these incredible creatures face to face. They were amazing to photograph and capture the texture in their skin, each having their own personality. Part of the trip saw us visit Khao Sok National Park, very much reminding us of the landscapes in Avatar, tall sharp cliffs with turquoise blue water down below. One of the highlights for us was taking a canoe out into the jungle by ourselves and just exploring, just stopping and listening to the sounds of the things around us was incredible.

Finally, for some beach time, we then took a drive the Khao Lak. We would say that this was time to chill, but in all honesty we struggle to not explore. Orchid Gardens, turtle rescue centres and beach side eats made for an unforgettable time away. We really do miss it, here’s to hoping that we can get away again soon.

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Thailand holiday blog | Bangkok, Elephants and Beaches 1

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