Virtual Photoshoots


Thanks so much for booking in with us for your virtual photoshoot, we’re really looking forward to it! We’ve outlined a few things below to ensure the shoot happens without any hitches.

  1. If you’ve not already, download the app based on model of your phone. For Apple devices please download “CLOS“, and for Android please use “Shutter“. They’re both free and don’t require you to sign up. Please let us know which you intend to use. Instructions for either app are at the bottom of the page.
  2. Please ensure your phone is fully charged, we’ve found that the shoots can very quickly use battery life.
  3. Light! We need as much of this as possible, please find 3 suitable places that you think will work. Large windows work best. Also make sure those curtain/blinds are wide open and if you have any lamps that can be moved around, they also work!
  4. We want to capture your personality, so if there’s anything you’d like to include in the images have them available. We’ve shot instruments, pets & other personal possessions.
  5. A DIY tripod, unless you already have a smartphone tripod, you’ll need to make one. A tin of beans and an elastic band/hair tie work very well, that way they can be placed on shelves to ensure your hands are free. Otherwise if there’s someone else available to move around with the camera.
  6. We’ll be using the rear lens rather than the selfie lens as it will create a better quality image. Please make sure that it’s clean by giving a good wipe beforehand.
  7. Feel free to glam up, with everything that’s going on we haven’t had a chance to put something nice on, so why not use this opportunity??
  8. You’ll get a download of the images afterwards, but prints are also available via our gallery store.
  9. Finally, enjoy it! If you have any questions let us know

CLOS Instructions

Once you’ve downloaded the app, and it is time for your shoot we’ll send you a link. It will then ask you to select “i’m a model”, select continue and we’re ready to go!

Shutter Instructions

Once you’ve downloaded the app, and it is time for your shoot, the app will give you your own personal ID number. Please share that with us, we’ll set up the shoot and we’re ready to go!